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Bivouac Standard comfortable

What is a Bivouac?

A bivouac refers to a determined encampment made with tents or improvised shelters. It is also commonly used to describe a variety of improvised camp sites such as those used by nomads in Sahara Desert. Nomad tents are specifically prepared to be able to be dismounted and taken from place to place during camel caravans.
Our tents are made from traditional materials and create a unique atmosphere around the dunes where our bivouac complex is located. Tents are made of camel wool, the perfect material for Sahara Desert tents as their thickness protects the Sun and the heat to come in, plus, it’s darken color creates shade. While it rains, the wool it self gets bigger, producing a water-proof material

Standard tents

Standard tents offer you the regular decorated nomad tent, where you’ll spend the night inside a true Sahara ambiance.